10 Unknown Facts About Corpse Husband

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Being a social media celebrity typically entails serving as the brand’s face, but Corpse Husband has made a career out of not having a face. Corpse has amassed 4.5 million fans on YouTube since launching his channel without revealing his face.
He is highly renowned for writing terrifying stories and making video game material. His supporters are immensely devoted to him even though they have no idea what he looks like.
It doesn’t matter what he looks like at this point, although many people would love to see his face. Find out 10 unknow facts about Corpse Husband.

1. He had no intention of becoming famous

Corpse could never have predicted his level of popularity when he first started on YouTube. People all over the world fell in love with him because he was only looking for a way to express himself. Although his success has been a bit of a burden, he is appreciative of everyone who helps him.

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2. He does not plan to show his face

People eagerly anticipate the day when a person will unveil their face whenever they become well-known on social media for doing so. Unfortunately for his followers, Corpse Husband has no immediate plans to unveil his face. In fact, he might never want to display it.

3. He stopped attending school at 12

Corpse Husband never really enjoyed school, so when he was just 12 years old, he decided to stop going. He wasn’t a very excellent student at the time. Even a few of his teachers stated their belief that he would never rise to anything. They are unaware that vast numbers of people do not adore Corpse.

4. He has faced difficulties with his mental health

Corpse hasn’t revealed a lot about himself, but he has made it known that he has had trouble keeping his mental health in check. Anthony Padilla revealed in an interview that he suffers from extreme anxiety, which frequently prevents him from leaving the house.

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5. He has a hard time becoming so well-liked

Despite the fact that no one truly knows who Corpse Husband is, dealing with his internet popularity has been a little challenging. People’s expectations for your content put a lot of strain on you, and maintaining mystery isn’t as stress-free as it might appear. His personal connections have suffered due to the extreme caution he must take to conceal his identity.

6. He has made music available

Corpse has shown a different gift to the public in addition to gaming and narrating spooky tales. Over the past year or two, he has released numerous tracks as a musician. Though some people might think he only makes music as a joke, his songs are actual.

7. Some individuals in his personal life are entirely unaware that he is Corpse Husband

The identity of Corpse Husband is a secret to some of his real-life acquaintances as well, not just to those who know him online. Few people in his personal life are aware that he is Corpse Husband. This has benefited him because he never has to worry about people taking advantage of his celebrity status.

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8. His home is in California

Corpse’s appearance is unknown, but we do know that he was born, grew up, and still resides in California. The fact that he opted to share his state of residence may surprise some people, yet even knowing that information doesn’t help identify him.

9. He has a sizable following outside of YouTube as well

Although his YouTube channel, Corpse Husband, is where he is most well-known, his fans would follow him everywhere (figuratively, of course). As a result, Corpse Husband has a considerable fan base on Twitter and Instagram. He has more than a million followers right now and uses both Twitter and Instagram occasionally.

10. He played Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

One of the most incredible things Corpse has done is had the opportunity to play Among Us with U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. AOC published an invitation to play Among Us on social media in October 2020 to get people to vote. One of the fortunate individuals who got to play with her was Corpse, who replied. We get a glimmer of his politics from the fact that he was enthusiastic about the chance.

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